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Cameron Diaz is the ultimate movie icon for Tattoos

Cameron Diaz attracts all men and women with her tomboyish, fashion forward confident style. She is a 34 – year old model turned actress. She is playful, fit, beautiful and sexy.

She has a great body, she is well toned, she is fit. But even she can’t deny time. As acne shows on its face in her early 30 -‘s. Probably her skin was unable to cope with the loads of make up. Spending a lot of time in sun has made her skin look older than actually she is.

Cameron Diaz is a complete lady in fact one can see the definition of legs and arms in her. But what happens at the end of the day even she is suffering from the acne breakout.

She actually is suffering from adult acne. Adult acne is caused by the fluctuating hormones, use of birth control pills, stress and excessive use of cosmetics. Any of the above can be the cause of the acne breakout in Cameron Diaz.

When she can’t beat the acne then how could I? This is the natural first thought that comes in the mind. But this is an entirely wrong thinking. As though she cannot beat the acne but still she is fighting with it and leading a successful life. She is doing all those things she wanted to do. She is still perusing her dreams, without being depressed by her acne breakout.

So the next time if you get up from the bed and see a horrible haunting pimple on your cheek or nose. Just don’t get depressed. Think of Cameron Diaz and try to live a dynamic life like Cameron Diaz.